Hey team, happy Sunday!

Just a quick note to share that I was recently interviewed on a podcast called The Slow Drag, who also happens to be a fellow Patreon creator!

The show focuses on people working in the creative community about their experiences, struggles, successes, etc.  It was a really fun talk and we covered a lot of unexpected ground about my creative process, perspectives in the studio, how I work with synesthesia, and how I (attempt to) battle perfectionism.  Hope you enjoy it, and check out their other episodes as well!

For those of you in NYC, I will be heading your way on May 14 to play Rockwood Music Hall stage 3 with fellow artists Jesse Terry, Alan Fish and Emily Mure.  The show is curated by John Platt from WFUV for his On Your Radar concert series.  You can get tickets here:

Much love,


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