New Podcast Announcement!
Due to delays on our main podcast Death at a Low Price (production and sound editing is behind, and we really are sorry about that guys), we're opening up two other podcasts! 

Canary is the first, and is about a group of miners stuck in a mine shaft with a dark force that plays off their fears. Ollie already has character plots, and is in the process of outlining as we speak. She is on a road trip at the moment though, so there will be a slight delay in production for our other podcasts as well.

The other, Geocache! (otherwise known as one of the Patreon rewards) is already in the process of being written and gathering voice actors. 

Geocache! is also in the hands of another group at this point in time, so the main Death at a Low Price group doesn't have many details at this point in time, but from what we've heard, it's coming along great.

Alright, those are the only announcements for now, but have a nice rest of your day!