New Podcast released yesterday and we've made some changes
Good morning everyone, I wanted to take a brief moment to let you know that the new Podcast is out and actually has some funny stuff in it. My personal favorite is the granny gear climb holding a doughnut in one hand and a slurpy in the other.

A few quick changes that may impact what we're doing on Twitch. You all know we've left Twitch on many accounts and all for the same reasons and we've hit the same road again. Apparently Cox Communications in Arizona started blocking Twitch is one of the issues and of course right here nearing the 24 hour stream Twitch Servers can't seem to stay online which is causing huge frame drops. Every time we use Twitch it is a Loss, between paying huge internet costs ($150-$300 a month) to be able to hold a sort of stable connection on Twitch Only to the huge headaches with up and down fights to keep Twitch online at all when it is needed. I'm going to be pedaling my bike for the 24 hour stream either way, we hope that all can see it but after that; I believe this is the end of the road for Twitch as it has out of all these years shown nothing good or positive in any way.

We have reached out to our New Internet Service Provider in which we will be on by the end of this month given that we have just paid Cox Communications for this month. We're going to have Unlimited Data for Hotspot so we will always have internet anywhere we are versus being connected to cables and clutter. Doing this change saves us money and the only thing we won't be able to do (all the time) would be Twitch. Out of the entire internet of things to do and use as a service Twitch seems to be the only downfall so yeah, enough is enough and besides it's extremely time consuming and to date we've never saw any funds from all of the subscriptions over the years.

The upside to it all is out of all of the work put in for this 24 hour stream the companies such as Twitch absolutely don't care per their response. The charities other than Extra-Life haven't shown any concern or assist in anyway. Extra-Life was happy to shoot me over the media kit and remind me everyday how I should be doing more to raise them money. Zwift, well they don't care either.  The only companies out of the stream who care are the sponsors and us, so we will make it all happen with or without the full ability to use Twitch; so during the stream we apologize in advance that Twitch and Cox Communications cannot provide the services in which they both pretend to provide. Our internet speed during all of the issues 300+ upload and almost 20 download using 1-2% CPU and about 15% memory.

There should be no reason for these issues and we don't have the time nor want to waste the energy on such companies; if doing something doesn't bring happiness it isn't worth doing. Today I ride my bike outside.

Now on other notes:

I redirected our domain MattyAndAnnika.Life to our wordpress site woohoo, so some links may not redirect properly for a day or two. Also on the fun topic, today I am riding through Fountain Hills on my road bike with John, awesomesauce!

Hugs everyone and have an epic day!