New Podcast! "Ask An Anti"

As one person on twitter put it, "It's the podcast I never knew I actually wanted!" All those questions you always wanted answers to? Now you can get them, without actually talking to an abortion opponent face to face. I spent an hour with Jill Stanek, where we discussed her origin story, her past as an anti-abortion online bomb thrower, her hatred of all things "shout your abortion"-y, and her own questions for pro-choice activists. This is the first episode of what I hope will be an ongoing series - assuming people find it useful and "enjoyable" in whatever way that means (hey, some people love to hate listen to things, right?). Hit me up with questions, feedback, and of course suggestions for the next guest.  This podcast has been submitted to itunes but since that process can take a while you can download from the link and listen now while you wait for all the technical pieces to fall into place.

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