New Podcast, feed hits through the roof
Hey folks, update time!

So, last week we started doing a 5th ed D&D campaign podcast for a bunch of #critters in the Critical Role community, and we're having a lot of fun. In addition to that, the addition of that podcast has caused our daily feed hits to skyrocket to around 400 feed hits a day - which is amazing.

To give you perspective of how important that is, if all 400 of those feed hits were translated into $5 to our Patreon, I'd be working full time just off the Patreon money making only about $400 less a month than I do now at my current full time job, and being able to go back to school and finish out my degree. I don't expect that there are many ways to translate those hits to money, but it's a good incentive to continue to improve the quality of our product. 

So, things on the work board - Still working on script writing for the musical we want to film, we've got a location for it and actors interested in participating, just need to get the damned script done. Shadow Chorus is working on a RPG system, which means he's put his battle report show on hold while he finishes that, and I'm going to be streaming on Wednesday's again - This time in the evening though.

I also started looking at real estate for an office space for the company - turns out, we'd need to be making around $500 a month to get a 600sq/ft office space which is the bare minimum for a podcasting room, streaming/editing room, and storage area for our gear. Also, if we were making that much money, we'd be able to spend more money on better equipment so we film better quality things.

For our first half year existing as a content creation group, I like to think we've learned a lot of good things. Still looking to improve more, but I'm confident that we'll hit our stride by the end of the year. Anyways, now that this update is done, I need to go back to working on that script.


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