New Podcast Episode Released - New Video Uploading Right Now!
Hey guys,

Just a heads up that the new episode of the podcast is now available on iTunes and LibSyn - and respectively. This one is 

Also, after yet ANOTHER immensely stressful period of production, the new episode of Writing on Games is finally uploading to YouTube as we speak. Despite everything, I think this one is really good and it felt cool to be able to discuss a game I've wanted to go in-depth on for a while.

Early access pledges should have the episode in a matter of hours, and it'll be available to everyone else on Saturday! Really excited for you guys to see it. Thank you so much as always for your continued support - you have no idea how much easier it is to do this as a direct result of your pledges. 

Also, this will be the first episode of the show since it turned one year old! YASSSSSSSSS!

Thanks again,


Writing on Games

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