A new podcast show is in the works !
A New ByeForever Original Series... Tag Teamed - The Rig & Riggs Show

A new late night style show with myself and Riggs from YouTube Clashing FFS is coming in the coming weeks to the Patreon of ByeForever.

This show will be more unfiltered and always off topic. We will discuss the issues that being a Content Creator in Clash of Clans has. Family challenges, and the daily grind to play this game. 

Expect new analysis on League Wars, Clan News and of course. Who is the best out there.

This will not replace The ByeForever Show but will be a Patreon Show show because lets face it. You deserve it. I will be announcing a time slot and day very soon. Riggs and I are still working out our schedule. it will need to work for both of us. 

this will be a 1 hour show (hopefully) brought straight to the supporters. 

have any ideas for what us ? let us know in the comments.