new poem + website woes fixed
Hello, beautiful people! You may have noticed my domain,, behaving most appallingly lately, and I'm so sorry for that -- my registrar got absorbed by a bigger registrar with a much worse reputation, and with that came...a complete lack of tech support. Fun. 😒 (Yes, I am changing registrars as soon as it's financially viable to do so.) All is fixed and should be working 100% now. If you run into trouble, please don't hesitate to shout at me.

That being said, new small poem! Patrons first, as always.


she's not good with faceless skies
she hungers for colours
the way that the vulture hungers
for human flesh;
the cruelty of nature/nurture,
morality all shot to hell.

when the rain falls, she bloats
lead drop heavy like an overripe fruit
like schadenfreude hot on the heels of a tragedy
rages and swipes dull nails
like an animal cornered
air tanging with cyanide,
sarin silent.

I apologise for the lack of output lately, my only excuse is that settling into life sans university (long story involving illness) is a little harder than I thought it would be. Hoping to remedy this very soon. Thank you for being patient with me. ♥

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