Poetry that ignites the internal flame!

The following poem, Butterfly Lesson, is a glimpse of what you’ll experience in my book of poems, Into the Darkness, Become the Light.  A story of self-exploration, healing, cleansing, and spiritual maturity in a collection of over 100 poems.  

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It is truly my hope my poetry helps to spark your internal flame and to open your heart to the Divine within.


A bright yellow butterfly with blue and black accents

fluttered her way to my garden,

landed ever so softly 

with grace and ease upon an orange flower.

She safely and peacefully sipped nectar.

Gazing upon her beauty, I transcended into a meditative state.

I couldn’t help but hear the butterfly’s message of expansion.

With celestial music vibrating in my soul,

I clearly heard the words—

I’d rather open my heart, be vulnerable, and take risks

than hold back love, be guarded, and fearful.

© Stacy L. Pintor


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