New Polaroid Camera! Pics for $10+ tier!
FAM I'm irritated because I made a post about this earlier, but apparently it didn't work! Basically I said that I was about to go pick up a Polaroid camera off someone from kijiji so I may get stabbed or robbed. BUT now I have the camera and I am happy to report that I'm definitely not wounded, nor did I get robbed.. Yay! It turned out to be like a 16 year old, meek little girl who opened the door and just said, "here you go," and handed me the camera before I even gave her the cash. SO I GRABBED IT OUTTA HER DAINTY, TINY HANDS AND I BOOKED IT TO MY CAR! *evil laughter* ... Okay I didn't do this, seriously, this is Canada. That doesn't happen LOL. I gave her money, and then I didn't even test it out until later, BUT IT WORKS. It's not that photo up above, but those are the type of dumb, goofy photos you'll likely get. I'll try to be "normal" once in a while and give you guys some cutesy ones, promise :P  Anyways, this is exciting. Love you fam!