New Product Preview, Seconds Sale & More Updates

Hello! Here's the first look at a new product - keyrings! I made some clouds for a custom order and decided to get some ghosts too. You can even remove the split ring and turn it into a necklace or bag charm.

These are tests and I may make some changes so I'll be offering them as samples at a cheaper price. You guys will get first chance this weekend as part of my seconds and samples sale so look out for that. I've been digging up some stuff from my studio including some weird misfits that will be free to good home.

Happy Mail packages should be going out on Monday. I plan to pick up a few extra bits for them in Glasgow tomorrow. This first one will be a postcard-sized box and here's the plans for the rest of the year:

  • August (sent in September): letter-sized package - theme TBA
  • September: box - theme TBA
  • October: a postcard sent while I'm in Japan!
  • November: box of Japan goodies

You can change your tier any time, if you want a specific month's happy mail, or want to skip one. Just make sure to do so before the end of the month and then you'll be charged at the new rate on the 1st.

Any questions, just ask!


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