New Project

I have an important decision to make, and I need your help.

First of all, let me just say: Steelshod posting will continue on a daily basis. Nothing decided here will change that in any way. This is for my second project... read on for details or skip to the TL;DR and the poll if you're an impatient bastard.

I love writing Steelshod, and I love the enthusiasm and excitement that it's generated. However, I want to begin posting some more traditional prose as well. I've been loosely writing alongside posting Steelshod, my own pet projects, but the work has been sporadic and inconsistent at best.

So: My current plan is to post sections of full prose on a weekly basis, possibly twice weekly if I think I can maintain that schedule. I have a few ideas as to what prose I am going to write, but I'm somewhat undecided.

Currently, I have three main ideas.

#1: Steelshod! Easy peasy. I begin writing the saga of Steelshod as a full prose webfiction series. Back to the beginning, going into full in-scene proper prose writing for the whole thing. Get constant dialogue between the many Steelshod members, see into their thoughts, full fight descriptions, etc.

This will be less true to the actual campaign than the Steelshod D&D posts are. I will probably introduce new characters. I might kill known people off, or change around who does what or when or how. If I think it's a good change to the story, I will make it... but I won't do it willy nilly.

#2: The Fool's War This is a story that's been bouncing around in my head for a few years now. A gritty medieval fantasy story with multiple viewpoints. Focusing heavily on a lot of simple peasant folks, and how they deal with the horrors and hardships of war.

I envision it as part of a series. A lot of violence and dark themes, low-fantasy magic with a similar feel to the magic in the Steelshod series, political machinations, and an ensemble cast. A few characters in Steelshod, such as Brother Hubert, were originally born in my head when creating people for this story.

This one will be slow going, almost certainly a 1/week story. I have some outlining done but not much written.

#3: A Necessary Sacrifice The third option is a bit different. A modern supernatural mystery story, but with some familiar themes in terms of tone and style.

A private detective takes a job to find the daughter of his ex-wife. I care a lot about making even the trivial/mundane elements feel "real." The supernatural and magical elements are extremely understated compared to a lot of classic Supernatural Mystery stories. Despite being a first-person perspective, it has an extensive cast as well. 

This is actually almost a cheat... it's a novel that I currently have in something like a complete form. It is still in need of editing, and it's the first book in a series with unwritten sequels. But it's mostly done, and could definitely be posted on a quick pace. In fact, it's possible I could post this in addition to one of the above projects, I'll have to consider that possibility too.

TL;DR I want to start posting regular fiction in addition to the Steelshod campaign posts.

 What should I do?

Steelshod: The saga of our favorite mercenary company as they become a beacon of light in a dark and hopeless world.

Fool's War: A bleak, gritty medieval fantasy story that spends a lot of time on war, death, and conflict.

Necessary Sacrifice: A modern supernatural mystery story about a private detective on the worst case of his career.

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