NEW PROJECT? (bonus video)
Dearest friends,

I wanted you to be the first to know about a possible new project. This is not going to replace my normal 'Markus K' activities, but I have a feeling it is going to be an exciting addition!

Have a look at the video and let me know what you think? I would really like your opinion on it.

The video shows the very first performance with my new friend and music collaborator Fernando Gotan, an accordionist and singer from Argentina. He had arranged for a 'try out' session at the new marina in Denia, where the ferry leaves for Ibiza. We caught a 'warm up piece' on camera. Will this prove to be historic?

It is a long video and so here are a couple of highlights to look out for in case you don't want to sit through the whole video (and then I have some important questions for you!):

- Fernando's vocal at 1 minute

- 'solo' at 2:35 minutes

- Interesting reaction from a dog at 3:52 minutes. Do they hear things we don't?

- Fernando introduces a tango melody at 4:52 minutes.

- Fernando plays a plinky plonk instrument at 6:08 (no idea what it is called)

- Slide solo at 7:25

- Harmonised chant at 10:35

- Wammy bar solo at 11:40

- The boss of the complex walks past to record a bit on video at 14:00. He gave us 4 firm concerts (well paid), upstairs in 'the good bit' on the spot. I am guessing he liked it. ;-)

- Conclusion at 18:30 (and this was the short version!)   :-)


Would you mind helping me with some questions? You can hopefully copy and paste in the comments below.

1 - What is your first impression? Is it worth developing further?

2 - Anything you particularly like or don't like?

3 - Would you like to see and hear more?

4 - What do you think of 'Me Voy A Paraguay' as a name for the project?

As always, my sincere gratitude to you my patrons, for your support and encouragement. You are the best!

Markus K

(and Fernando says hi!)

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