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New Project Beginning
In my intro page I mentioned wanting to begin a project to draw some of the guildleaders in DragonRealms, particularly the ones that aren't represented or are represented badly (lookin' at you Kssarh) with official art. The headliner this update is Zamidren Book, Triumphant of the Philosophers of the Knife and the guildleader of the Zoluren guild, and he is the first portrait of this project. Next time I'll be picking a Barbarian guildleader most likely as that the guild which came in next on the poll.

Attached you'll find the finished commissioned portrait of Kaindell, Limani, and Verrouille, as well as a sketched beginning of the wedding portrait of Sendithu and Samsaren, both for DragonRealms. Expect to see more of these as well, including an upcoming portrait of Ysaye, as well as a Pussy Riot commission that I'll just call...interesting.