New Project -- "HAPPY PLACE" -- Call for Participants

If you're in Southwestern Ontario...

To sit for me in an experimental photography project called "HAPPY PLACE."

Some questions for you:

When you imagine yourself in a place where you are are free to "be yourself" ... where are you? 

When you're in that space, and when you are being yourself, what are you doing? 

What are you wearing? 

Who is with you?

Are you willing to be photographed in that situation?

That's the project: I would like to photograph you, in your happy place, being yourself, dressed however you like, with whomever you prefer, doing your thing, whatever that is.

My proposal: In return for your permission to use the resulting images for non-commercial purposes (e.g. online, in a gallery show, etc), I will give you a digital file of the final image for your own personal use, plus a single 8x10 print suitable for framing.

Note: At this time, this offer is limited to locations in Southwestern Ontario that I can feasibly get to by walking, motorcycle or transit.

Interested? Email me at [email protected]  describing the scenario you envision. Note: you'll be responsible for the location, any necessary arrangements, and any associated expenses. I'll bring my camera.

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