New Public Version 0.22.10

About the release:

This is a necessary release since some bugs were appearing from holes on early days events. I'm filling most of them now meaning that this a more graphical release than a story release. 

I'm trying an achievement screen.  Achievements are not part of the 100% completion answer CAS gives yet. 



All saves games from version 0.06.xx or higher are compatible, but I have to add a Reset at the end of the load to avoid possible inconsistencies. 

And this is the full Change-Log:

Change-Log 0.22.10:

  • Remove the Under Contruction when you search Lisa's drawer by Night

Change-Log 0.22.00:

  • Filling holes in Lisa's Story
  • Filling holes events Day 1, Day 3, Day 4
  • A new way to get past Claire.
  • New dream sequence: Ayumi.
  • New memories for Day 1, Lisa, Jody.
  • Achievement screen
  • +2 Fun Points
  • +1 Time Save Slot
  • Several small changes for continuity bugs.


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