A NEW reawakening
Today is the beginning of what is going to become the best thing I've ever done. 

A few days ago a beautiful wonderful woman named Judy answered my 'fabric wanted' ad that I had posted in desperation on our local classified site. 

I've been  wanting to start a sewing business for years, but I've been absolutely unable to get help from the government, so all of my awesome tools, machine, fabric, and even my machine have been graciously donated to me. 

I am blessed. But I want to give back. 

I have a rare rare disease Called CMT, or Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, which causes the nerves and muscles to die (In the whole body, not the teeth), so as a result I am very weak, and I have tremors in both hands and I fall over quite a bit. I fatigue quickly when I am not at home. And... I  can't  work a normal job.

However, I loathe being non productive...

The video I've taken, no time like the present:

This is  me setting up my work space. but I'm too weak to push those  tacks into the wall. Ugh. Thankfully, one of my friends is stopping by later so he's going to take care of that part for me. :)

I know things don't look so good right now but they will improve!
And in advance, I thank you for your support! Thank you! :)