New Release: Version 0.95!

Hello! I have a new weekly build, as well as a hotfix for the latest alpha build available.

This week has mostly been spent working on a lot of different cutscenes and preparing for the transition into chapter 9, but there's also what may be our biggest NSFW scenes to date tucked in here, if you made the right (or the wrong...?) choices.

There's a lot of loose ends I still need to tie up for the beginning of Chapter 9, and because the game keeps getting bigger and bigger--not just length-wise, but in scope and breadth, the threads are getting exponential with each chapter.

Chapter 8 is massive, featuring 5 sizable, fully-contained locations and various quests and side-quest buried in each of those locations. What's more, the game only requires you to visit 2 out of these 5 locations in order to advance the story, so the consequences of whether you visit these places, what you do there, and in what order you do them is a hefty undertaking. I'm going to be chipping away at this mountain for a little while, but that's all for the future.

As to the present, you can see what's new in the patch notes below.

- Nym


Version 0.95 - 8-9-2019

  • Added a new NSFW scene (Futa, szarva, size-difference)
  • Added three new cutscenes, featuring Abner, Silas and Carlisse
  • The Carvannah soldiers will now appear in the cove (if recruited)
  • Sabal will now appear in the cove (if recruited)
  • Fixed some portrait issues in Shiveworth
  • Caught the quest log up to the in-game content
  • Fixed an issue where Mercy couldn’t re-enter the nestmother’s chambers in order to complete the quest
  • Mercy can now return the old music box to its rightful owner for a reward
  • Qel no longer remains in the crater after the cutscene
  • Fixed a portrait issue in the cove dorms
  • Fixed a potential soft-lock if you spoke to Marlan directly at the manor instead of trying to walk past him
  • Changed the stats and description of a certain debug item, since it’s found its way into the game (LOL)
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