New Release 07.20.16
Hey! I just released a deep/ambient/trap song called "someone else". It is an emotional and dark track that reminds me of past relationships and rough times in my life. Aside from its breakup and sad vibe, I used a bass that is common in my track. I enjoy using heavy 808s however I wanted a droning deep bass to layer underneath the reverberated vocals and drums. Aside from using Patreon to raise money for my upcoming projects, I am raising money to support my family. My father broke his neck a few weeks ago and currently is in rehab with limited mobility. Because of his age, the recovery is going to be a long and slow process. My next 10 or more tracks will feature a donate tab so I can send my mother money to help him. The option is "name your price" so you can even download my music for free. I am producing for a cause and hopefully I can gain some followers to connect with too! Thank you!