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The New Republican Health Care Plan!
Hi! Here's a new cartoon... another current event cartoon. I actually have several evergreens shuffling their feet in my "to be drawn" folder, waiting to be able to be seen... We'll get there eventually! I hope to post another new cartoon next week.

The GOP really only has one health care plan, which is to cut whatever aid to the poor they can (Medicaid is a big target this time around) and use the money for tax cuts for the rich. This is such a terrible plan that even much of the Republican base doesn't like it, when surveyed. Which is why Republicans lie so much about what their plan is.

I love drawing monsters, but - oddly enough - there's almost never a chance to do monsters in a political cartoon. In this cartoon, however, the main technical challenge was making sure that the character representing the new health care plan was so distinct and recognizable that readers would instantly see it's the same character, despite the pathetic disguise worn in panel 2. I played around with some other options (like making the GOP plan an enormous pile of money), but eventually settled in on a cute monster as the solution to the problem.

Since this is a in-the-headlines sort of issue, I'm going to post this one in public pretty soon. But my patrons here on Patreon get to see it a day early. I hope you enjoy it! I really appreciate you supporting my work. (As usually, $5 and above patrons, feel free to start sharing this cartoon immediately.).

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