NEW REVIEW! Kat's Heartwarming Experience with The Paper Kites
I wasn't going to get one of the current journalists to take a little road trip with me to Tucson on a Monday night, so I went on a solo mission. I'm a big fan, so I wasn't going to pass up the chance to miss The Paper Kites from Australia. 

Normally, I don't write reviews because I have enough on my plate and I'm not a professional writer; however, I felt it wouldn't do them justice not to offer the whole package. I'm happy with how the review turned out, and even happier with the photos! It's a rarity the lighting is so good that I can get crisp, beautiful shots of every member.. and this was only shooting for the first 3 songs! I left this concert feeling refreshed and exceptionally happy.

Check out the review & photo album:

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