New Reward levels!
Some new updates! Two new reward levels this time, a $2 and a $10 ^_^ 

At the $2 level, you can build up your lifetime pledge amount, until you reach the amount of any of the higher level rewards that you want! For example, if you want a monthly request, but can't pledge $19 a month for it, you can pledge $2 a month, get the monthly wallpaper, updates, etc, help support me making comics AND save up to get the monthly request! A great way to get those higher level rewards for anyone who is only able to pledge small amounts each month ^_^

At the $10 level, each month you'll be able to ask for a high res version of any of the art I've done that year! (excluding commissions) You could print it out, make an avatar with it, use it as a wallpaper for your computer, tablet, phone, or even use it to decorate your blog, anything for your personal enjoyment!

So yes! Anyone who wanted a low level one that can build up, or a slightly higher level one but not SUPER high level, those are options now ^_^Thank you all so much for your support, and hopefully we can get to more of those milestones! ^_^