NEW REWARD FOR ALL PATRONS! Check it out (and reply!)
Hello, folks!

So, this might seem like a STRANGE reward, but I'm a strange person. 

For any Patron, $1+, I will make one Sims character of your choice and screen cap them. They can be an original character, they can be from a TV series or a preexisting book. If I figure out software, I will try to take some video for higher levels (just need to figure stuff out first). 

What I need is:

-Character Name (First/Last)

-Character Age

-Character's Appearance (the more detailed the better--hair color, style, body shape, etc)

-Types of clothing they might like to wear

-Character's Personality

-Character's Favorite Bands/Music, TV, Etc. 

For current patrons, feel free to reply to this post with one character! 

Also writing snippets for higher patrons coming soon!

For those of you who selected physical rewards, just a reminder that I'm in Australia until April 26 due to my fiancé's health. I will get them sent out once I'm home (unless you'd prefer something small from Australia--the post is super expensive here!) 

For recurring patrons at that level, I will be sending you something special as an extra thank you for supporting me. 

As well, I will be changing my rewards so that anyone above $20 will get a thank you on my website that will stay there forever (need to contact my friend who does my site for the section). I will do one for in the back of books, too. :) 



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