New Reward Levels! Physical commissions & high-quality Tarot/art readings
Hi friends!

I just wanted to let you know that I've added three new reward levels to this Patreon! If you change your reward level before June 1st, you can receive these next month! <3

$25 Level:

FOR US PATRONS ONLY. FOR INTERNATIONAL PATRONS, SEE BELOW! In addition to feed access, the monthly sketchbook PDF, and early comic pages, at this level you will receive a small monthly art commission! This is a simple sketch commission, perfect for portraits, original characters, fanart, etc. No backgrounds, or very very simple ones. It will be inked and colored (watercolors, colored pencil, inks) on nice, coated sketchbook paper or scrap watercolor papers and mailed to you. I will message you each month when your payment processes to ask what you'd like! You can be specific or give me free range for a surprise drawing. Drawings will be shipped after payment is received. Shipping cost is included in the $25. 

$30 Level:

Same as the $25 level, but for Patrons who live outside of the USA. I apologize that shipping costs are so high, the USPS just keeps raising their prices.

$35 Level:

At this reward level, you get feed access, the monthly sketchbook PDF, early comic pages, and a higher-quality draw & drawing reading than in the $10 reward. For this monthly Tarot + Art reading, I will pull 4-5 cards for you from my Tarot and oracle decks, and then create a fully rendered watercolor painting that expresses and adds to the meaning of the cards. You'll receive a high-resolution digital image of the painting, a picture of the cards, and a written write-up interpreting the reading. For this level, you can ask questions! Or I can simply read you a forecast for the next month, your choice. 

If you have any questions about these levels, please comment on this post or message me! I'll be happy to clarify anything before you make such a big commitment. 

Thanks everyone for your continued support <3<3<3