New Reward "PatreonEdition" of my videos

Today I want to tell you about a new reward tier, which gives you access to the "Patreon Edition" of my videos, hosted on vimeo.
The benefits are:
- no ads
- better video quality than on YouTube
- ability to download the source video file I uploaded
- direct access to test result graphics on the video page
- see videos first as I edit, upload and publish the Patreon Edition first
- networking basics are a separate video
- no vimeo account required!

Those of you who go for that tier will then see a new post here on patreon once I release a new video. This posten then contains the private link to the Patreon Edition of that video.

Like this (example of a Patreon Edition Video):

Once I finished, uploaded and published the video on YouTube, that version will show up on my patreon page too. 

Depending on the video this could be just a few hours later or the next day.

But don't worry! I am not artifically delaying the YouTube video! I will publish it as soon as I can finish the commentray, edit and upload. :)

Regarding the Network Basics:
I know that some people will be upset about this. But the reason why I will keep the Networking Basics as part of every Netcode Analysis video uploaded on YouTube, is that as I continue to test new games, I attract new people to my channel. And many of them do not know any of the basics.

In the past I did not include that info in every video and that lead to a lot of confusion among the viewers - you can check the comments of those older videos. 

So even though I am now providing not just 1 but 3 timecode links to skip the basic stuff,  I know that this is still annoying. But I do not want to go back to the old days where every 2nd comment on the video was cleary the result of a missinterpretation of the test results, or a lack of network knowledge.
My goal is to help people to get a better understanding how how networking is done in games, and not confuse them even more. :)

So since I can be sure that my Patreons have watched at least one Netcode Analysis + Networking Basics, I feel confient that publishing a "cut to the chase" version will not lead to a missinterpretation of the results by my patron or confuse my patron.

I hope that you can understand why I decided to do it this way, and I hope that you guys like this new reward tier. :)

If you already donate the require amount then please still make sure to select the reward tier so that the system knows that you want to get. Otherwise you will not get the message and the private video links when I release the next video.

Again thank you for your support! Battle(non)sense would nolonger exist without you!

Have a nice day!