NEW Reward Tier: Original ACEO Drawings!
I'm always trying to improve the experience for my Patrons here on Patreon.  On that note, I've deleted a couple of tiers and replaced them with a new offering!

The Art Student tier has been disabled for now.  I don't have the proper amount of time to give students the attention they deserve, either.  I also have to put a hold on 4k videos for the Premier Patron tier, as they simply take too long to process with me being a one woman show!

Never fear!  I'm happy to introduce the Mini Collector.  Back when I first started up Patreon, I had a lot of fun sketching up the prompts my Patrons would give me.  I'm no longer doing the random draw for the card sketch, as it counts as gambling, which is against Patreon's policies.

However, I'm happy to have a tier where you don't have to rely on chance anymore!  If you pledge at this tier,  I'll create for you a 2.5x3.5 inch trading card sized pencil drawing which will be sent to your door every month that you are actively pledging!  This drawing will be based on your 2 keyword prompt, preferred character (original or otherwise), OR 'artist's choice', where you let me surprise you!

One thing I love about this size of art is that it's easy to collect in the very same albums you can fit your baseball or other trading cards in.  This is helpful when wall space is at a premium!

On top of that, you'll also get 25% off at my shops FOREVER, even if you decide to end your pledge!  Your special coupon code will be sent to you after you pledge at this tier.

For now, this tier is very limited.  Perhaps if it fills up, I'll think about expanding and evolving it.  For now, let's see where this new tier takes us!

Questions? Comments?  Leave them in the comments or drop me a PM!

- Ang

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