New Reward Tier for Mythical!
Hello! Minor update to the Patreon rewards. 

$8 Crystal Tier 

First off, I went ahead and bumped up access to Crystal. It was limited to 50 people and it was filled! The new number is now 60. We have 10 spots now to get into Crystal for $8 a month! 

  • Invite to CRYSTAL Channel (and GOLD)
  • First Invites to Events
  • Plus All Previous Rewards

There will be a Pokémon movie night, this Friday (Nov 3rd), at 8PM CST on Stay tuned for more details (mostly in Slack). Crystal backers get first access into the room, which limits 25 people. Note we haven't had a room fill... yet.

$25 Mythical Tier 

The second change is to the $25 Tier. That has now changed into the "Mythical" tier. I went ahead and removed the 20% discount, which is never used, and added the "Behind the Scenes" feature for Mythical. This also includes Helix Mail rewards, but this tier should come with some music to download, some images exclusive to you, and some video about how I create and make Mythical. It's much more content and rewards than ever before!

  • Monthly Mailed Letter
  • 10% Off PKMNcast Merch
  • Behind the Scenes of Mythical
  • Monthly Google Hangout
  • Plus All Previous Rewards 

The Google Hangout feature has never been taken advantage of, I hope to change that this month!