New Reward Tier!
We're trying out something new and adding a new Super Deluxe tier to the Patreon! What does that mean and what does it do? Each month you pledge at the new level you'll get... 
  • Listed as a Friend of Science in the next issue of Atomic Robo or Real Science Adventures that we send to press!
  • Priority Questions to be answered in the next Letters Column and here at the Patreon. Don't be a common pleb hoping we answer your question about Robo's love life, get that confirmed. 
  • A monthly package, shipped within the first 10 days of every month that will be filled with Robo goodies - Signed Issues, Variant Covers, Out of Print Merch, In Print Merch, Random Sketches, and other junk TREASURE we find around the studio to send to you. Think of it as a surprise just for you every month.

This offer is only available to domestic/US mailing addresses because international shipping is an absurd nightmare.

Rewards to be sent out the month following sign up (so we can do them in big single batches at the start of each month). EXAMPLE we're debuting this in February, so everyone who signs up/pays until the end of Feb will gets their first goody basket sent in March. Then March sign ups get their first one in April, etc.