New Reward Tier?
Something I considered doing was having a reward tier which would act like a commission. Donate on that level and you get a fully completed drawing of yourself or an OC. I had a feeling I couldn't manage it if too many people donated though, so I left it out. But recently I learned that Patreon allows for limited slot donation tiers. I'm considering then having, to start, a reward tier maybe around $50.00. Only 1 slot, so whoever donates to it that month will get a custom commission from me. I'm not sure if it lets me say it's a one time only thing, but I'd like to find some way to. That way the following month it's open again until someone donates. If I find it doesn't add too much to my plate, I could up the limit in the future to 2 or more, maybe. But for now it's just ideas. If anyone would be interested in it though please let me know!