New Reward Tier: Cameos of you or a loved one
I have been contemplating on a cameo reward tier but did not know how to go about it for various reasons. Now, I have finished the wording of the reward tier so you may examine it and see if this is something you want to be involved in!

I continue to refine and reword the reward for it is a minefield if I am not careful.

But the gist of it is:

You or a loved one will cameo as a background character per chapter you are subscribed to.  You can be a soldier, civilian, townfolk, etc. and your face will be recognizable and will not be a speck. Sometimes, you or your girlfriend/loved one may end up being in the foreground. It just depends on the needs.

I will protect your image and put you in a good light so don't worry. :)

You can withdraw your image if you decide to do so for whatever reason (i.e.: you may become a YouTube star, join the Secret Service, and now you don't want your face in a webcomic).

And the rest of the details are there on the rewards tier!

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