New Reward Tier: Requestor
As an experiment I'm going to be opening up donation requests to a limited number of slots - I do hope people follow the request rules - you can of course not follow the rules I'll thank you for the donation but then your request will likely be ignored.

If you have a question as to if a series is acceptable or you're confused about a rule email me Winglezz (~at-symbol~) or message me on twitter @Raspbryl

Request Guidelines 27/03/2017

- Anime Only (Not sure if it counts as Anime? Ask Me!)

- No recent series (started airing in the last year)

- No long series unless they are pre-approved 

- No Vore/Hentai (I won't do Vore / Trina won't do Hentai)

- Slice of life/CGDCT subject to approval

- No Clamp series

Ban list:

Maria Holic


Shattered Angels

Kannazuki No Miku

Sword Art Online