New Reward Tiers & Goals!
Greetings Fellow Sexual Subjects, 

I've done a bit of updating to the old patreon, I've added some more reward tiers and set some new goals. Since Lord knows being a Sugar Daddy in this economy is next to impossible I made sure that all the well meaning but not ballin' Sweet n' Low , Splenda and other not actual Sugar Daddies can get a little something something for their support. 

The new rewards tiers are: 

My goals are now focused on the content I can bring rather than person needs. When I reach $100 in support a month I'll start a monthly Patreon only Hang- Out with $40 + level Patrons having the ability to request special guests and submit questions to those guests. 

At $250 monthly support I'll be able to start an overhaul of my shooting/ recording space.  I will also be able to pay for someone to help me edit video content such as video essays, interviews and round table discussions.  

At $321 hosting for all websites and podcasts will be 100% Patron supported!

At $500 a month with all hosting taken care of I can upgrade my internet for better live feeds and attempt to produce video content twice a month. 

At $921 a month all hosting for podcasts and websites are paid for,  I'll have upgraded internet AND I'll be able to get the Creative Cloud to make more professional quality content.