Hello friends, first of all, thank you for the support as always!

I made some investigation from my patreons and different sources and I decided to make some changes to my rewards, some changes you will like and I hope that bring new visitors to my patreon, lets check them!

* Sketches are free for all, displayed only on patreon and deviantart (simply sketch, no HD), no payment support required.

LEVEL 01 ($2): Patreon Feed

 - Access to Patreon feed, exclusive content.
All the COMPLETED works of the month will be displayed here, full color (no HD - with signature). 

- Full HD Sketches
Download all your favourite sketches of the month in HD (top height 2500ppi). 

- Make your vote for the Month Pic (3 options)
As the previous months, a new full colored pic chosen by you!

- "Let's design an OC" give ideas for new characters every month
New charactes every month based on various ideas from you, create crazy characters.

LEVEL 02 ($5): Portrait Raffle

- Win a Color Portrait
From now and every month and you will be able to win a free Portrait artwork, is going to be 4 winners, you only need to comment the PORTRAIT RAFFLE POST and the 4 first comments will win, can be anything you have in mind, FanArt, Oc, etc.
The post will be uploaded at 12:00 PM (UTC -05:00)

- Winners will have the PSD of the Portrait.
Only the winners (and other level supporters) will have access to the PSD file (includes: sketch, lineart, color), the size of the artwork will be 2000 x 2500 ppi.

LEVEL 03 ($20): Rewards and Month Pic

- Completed month rewards.
Download all the month pic HD files (sketch, lineart, base, color).

- Full HD Color month pic artwork (HD colored)
Enjoy the month pic artwork, HD files (sketch, lineart, base, color).
The Month Pic has an special quality artwork, commission level. 

- $20 Discount on Commission
Get a $20 discount on a FULL BODY COLOR Commission, the discount only applies for ONE commission per month (you can find the prices on my DeviantArt).

LEVEL 04 ($35): Request your Artwork

- Request your Reward
Make your request for an artwork each month, can be FanArt, OC, etc.

- Full HD and PSD files
Get all the files of the artworks of the month: Sketch, Lineart, Base Color, Complete work and PSD FILE (PSD files) 01 per patron, also includes PSD file of the Month Pic (some of them have special versions) and Portrait files. 

- $35 Discount on Commission
Get a $35 discount on ANY COLOR Commission (mid body, full body, H-artwork), the discount only applies for ONE commission per month (you can find the prices on my DeviantArt).

FINAL LEVEL ($80): H-Artwork

- All the stuff from the previous levels

- A Hentai related artwork.
Request your H-artwork (can be FanArt or OC), you have two options:
ONE character H-artwork and you can have your Level 05 request artwork.
TWO characters H-artwork (2 characters on the same artwork, must be interact each other), NO Level 05 request artwork.

All the files will be uploaded at the end of the month, once the payment is processed by Patreon.

Previous artworks of the month will be uploaded to GUMROAD.

Now, lets enjoy the new features!