New rewards coming thusly!
No, I'm not actually sure "thusly" makes sense.

But if it made you look, then it worked. ;)

Just a quick note today for my WONDERFUL patrons of all levels (and to future patrons, in case you want to get in on this action!) to let you know what rewards have recently gone out, which are in the making, and what you can expect on this page in the near future!


For my $3/month+ patrons, your handwritten thank you note was mailed out this past Tuesday, so it should be gracing your mailboxes any day now!

For my $10/month+ patrons, a note from your favorite character was also mailed out on Tuesday, so keep an eye out for those in your mailboxes, too. 


For my $1/month+ patrons, your short story for this quarter is perculating. I have a few loose ideas, so the next step is to pick one, flesh it out a little, and get to writing. You will have it soon!

For my $2/month+ patrons, I'll be putting up a few of the inked illustrations for my children's book releasing March 21st! These previews are for YOUR EYES ONLY! Exciting!

For my $5/month+ patrons, I have recorded my first behind-the-scenes video for you! I've decided to do a narration for it, so I need to record that, then I'll get it uploaded and get you the link!

For my $15/month+ patrons, I'll soon be posting a poll on what time works best for you for our live action chat! The time with the most votes will be our winner!


Throughout the remainder of March, aside from working on the fulfillment of the above-mentioned rewards, I'll also be getting in touch with my $25/month+ patrons to get their preferred character name (they'll be starring in an upcoming project!) and my $35/month+ patrons for their story prompts (one of my upcoming stories will be their idea!).

The visual look of this site will also change over time. I'll be adding some pictures, and some pretty headers. I might even add an Introduction video to my Overview page that will tell people more about me and what I write.

I also want to make sure all of my fabulous patrons know excactly what they've helped create, especially those who've been with me from the very beginning! I'll be compiling a list of everything made possible by my patrons and posting it here so all of you can see what you've had a direct hand in creating.

And once again, seriously, thank you so very much for all of your support! 

Till next time......