New Rewards and Goals!
OK, my Patreon refurbishment is complete. Take some time to check if you're at the reward level where you want to be. 

Here's a quick rundown of some of the new additions & revisions:

2 Exclusive Short Stories each year - for everyone at the $2 level & above. This is a big one, the most popular option from the poll earlier in the month. It will go up to 3 Exclusive Short Stories each year when we reach the $300 monthly goal which is super close now.

Galactic Suburbia Slack - access to this awesome new members-only discussion forum, also at the $2 level & above.

Manticores - mysterious snippets that will appear on the Patreon supporters-only feed. This has turned into a project I'm really excited about, so stay tuned to discover it as it unfolds.

Random Act of Post - this $5 level (previously Random Act of Postcard) now includes postcards, story snippets or other small mailable items posted out to you 3 times per year by "Manticore Post", but only if you include a mailing address with your Patreon account. 

Naming Rights ($10), Random Act of Monster ($12), Random Act of Glitter ($15) & Deluxe Super Special Queen-Emperor of Glorious Patronage ($20) - these levels now also include the Random Act of Post reward, but only if you include a mailing address with your Patreon account. 

Extreme Essay Extra - will unlock at the $350 goal. A monthly essay posted to the Patreon feed a month before it appears anywhere else online.

The Inky Valkyrie Book Club - it's still here but now at the $400 goal.