New REWARDS for Patrons of SativaYoga
Ovid said, "Men do not value a good deed, unless it brings a reward."

Well, here are four. Rewards, that is.

I've added four new levels of reward for patrons of SativaYoga.

Based on your current pledges:

*  One of you is entitled to the 3rd level of reward (a monthly LavishListening session, and all rewards listed below).

*  Two of you are entitled to the 2nd level of reward (a monthly GoogleHangout, and the reward listed below); and

*  All of you are entitled to a free copy of my ebook about high perception/empathy/sensitivity. I am currently revising it, and will have the fresh, second version to you by June 1st.

Tier Benefits
Pledge $0 or more per month
Pledge $0.01 or more per month
Patrons Only
A free mind, PRECEDES a free life. 🌸
$1 or more per month
$1 a month is the minimum pledge that Patreon allows. You can -- and are encouraged to -- MANUALLY INCREASE the $dollar to any amount you choose in the screen that follows after you click the "$1 ACCESS" box.

By becoming a patron, in addition to my red-hot gratitude, you can have the confidence that you are supporting the writing + speaking of Light into the world. Thanks galore for helping make that possible.
Monthly 1:1 Empathic Consultation
$50 or more per month

A minimum monthly pledge of USD$50 gets you a one-hour Empathic Consultation with me each month (USD$88 value). I will email you for scheduling. To learn more about Empathic Consultations, visit
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