New rewards now available!
I will keep adding more as ideas come to me, but here are the new rewards for you lovely peeps :)

$1 Tier - Your name will be placed in the description of all my music videos (that goes for anyone higher than this tier as well).

$3 Tier (New) - Early song downloads become available as early as this tier. So what does $5 get in return?

$5 Tier - Not only do you get everything above, you get to participate in a monthly request raffle! Send in 3 songs you like, and I will pick a winner to cover before the month ends! You're allowed to enter a request once every month!

$10 Tier - On top of everything posted and the backing tracks, special video credits, etc, you will also get any original song I upload to YouTube/BandCamp/etc for free. I hope this is something you will all enjoy. I will try to add more in the future! Thank you once again :)