Superpowers News #10: New RPG battle system asset pack!
Dear amazing Patrons,

We've been a bit quiet lately, sorry for the lack of updates!

We're happy to announce a huge new asset pack called RPG Battle System

 by Pixel-boy.  It features 2D characters, backgrounds, combat effects, items, monsters, eight musical themes, dozens of sound effects and HUD elements.

Go grab it NOW on GitHub:

As with our other 9 asset packs, it is released under the Creative Commons Zero license, which means it can be used to do pretty much anything you want, including commercial use.

This is all thanks to your support, so THANK YOU for making this release possible! ♥

How's Superpowers v1.0 going?

Work on v1.0 has been a bit slow lately. As you know, Bilou and Elisée have taken up dayjobs a few months ago, so we have less time available on a day-to-day basis, but we're still making steady progress on various aspects of Superpowers.

We hit a bit of a snag with the automatic system and plugin update mechanism we want to ship with v1.0. It is built on top of GitHub's API and their rate limiting is pretty harsh, so we're still working on figuring that out.

Here are some cool improvements that have been happening since the last update:

  • When opening an asset in a new window, it will now have a tab bar at the top and a collapsed asset tree on the left.
  • The "registry" server command can now send JSON to the app to list installed and available systems and plugins in your server settings tab.
  • The "Find Asset" dialog has been made smarter, sorting exact matches at the top
  • The acknowledgement system for asset editing has been improved so that plugin developers don't need to use a weird hack to confirm an editor action anymore
  • When opening a server or project in the app, it is now properly sandboxed with a limited set of APIs exposed.
  • A new extensible project publishing system is being developed in the "better-builds" branch. It will allow plugins to publish your games or assets in various forms. A plugin could export directly to a HTML5 portal or generate platform-specific builds right from within Superpowers!


As always, remember that you can follow development along (and participate!) by watching the various repositories on GitHub:

Events and games!

We held Superpowers booths at the Stunfest (Rennes, France) in May and the Japan Addict (Strasbourg, France) this month. We posted some pictures on Twitter.

We had some fun and jammed some games during those events. Check out Octofoot, a cute little 2-player soccer-like game:, as well as Stunfest Fighter, an silly old-school Mortal Kombat-style fighting game featuring our own likeness:

And of course, if you haven't played it yet, make sure to try Party at the Knightclub, our Ludum Dare 35 entry with awesome music by Craig B!


— Elisée, Pixel-boy and Bilou