New Scanner, Raikou/Foal WIP progress, goal updates
Media: printer paper, crayola crayons, ballpoint pen

Where the ballpoint was used I am seriously considering going over again with either the dip quill or my paintbrush pen, but I am not positive yet. At another time I will work on the background for this piece. I am divided on whether to do a digital background or a watercolor background. This scan was done with the new scanner that I got just recently. As you can see it works much better. The difference on how well it picked up the Banu sketch is huge as well. I'll share that on another post for my patrons.

There is also a new microphone on the way. The goals have now been adjusted. Goals 5 and 6 have been updated. If we can get to $80 a month I'll work on an installment of the webnovel every week. If we can get to $100 that will go a long way toward getting the rest of the items for a decent soundbooth set up around my desk.

In the goals there is a big gap between goals 6 and 7, so if there are any ideas they are welcome. I'm also still working on the tour of the town video. This may end up being split into smaller videos, which I suppose would work better for such things as what parts of town helped inspire parts of BlowingWind's story when I would come through for skiing.

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