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Tier Benefits
Pledge $0 or more per creation
Pledge $0.01 or more per creation
Patrons Only
Bronze Alchemy Tier
$5 or more per creation 0 patrons
  • Access to patron-only videos
  • Shoutout in Credits
  • Your Name added to a Group Healing List done once a week.
  • A Monthly Zodiac Channeled Horoscope for the Sun Sign of that Month, and the other 11 signs as well. 
Platinum Alchemy Tier
$7 or more per creation 0 patrons
  • Access to the Bronze Alchemy Tier
  • Access to Exclusive Customized Meditations (per Patron Subject Request) weekly
  • Access to our Exclusive Talk Show FEED "SpiridiumCircle©Talk Radio" Episodes twice a week (Monday's and Tuesday's - Podcast)
Change My Life Tier
$55 or more per creation 0 of 100 patrons
Life Tier: Changing Life for the Best Vibration ( Official Webinar Tier)

Description: You will get Patron only access to a Weekly Webinar that focuses on important life subjects. This tier is directed to help you change your life for the betterment of you and your family moving forward in life. 

You will be able to get the education you need to the most important things going on in your life. I will pick one subject that get the most votes and do a webinar on that subject.  If you are one that is seeking to change your life because you feel stuck or not knowing what step to take next, then this tier is for you.  You will have full access to all of this tiers content on a monthly basis, and a chance to be entered to win a FREE 60 Minute Reading at the end of each month. 

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