**NEW SHIRT ALERT!!! (Sneak-Peak)
Hello everyone, as you know I've been working on a new craft for a little over a year making mistakes, failing, getting corrected, and directed learning the screen printing process that includes different ink types. The challenges have been holding me back; I did not want to deliver poorly printed graphics, hence no website. However, I got it now! The screen printing craftsmanship I have finally got my handle on it.   Also along the way, I found design inspiration including best quality shirts that look awesome on body giving you more use from it because the tee will pair up well under a sports jacket, polyester track pants, crispy new denim or your dusty work denim. LOL, just kidding about "your" dusty work denim. In closing, though the YDKSAB T-shirt I have printed with water-based ink on an inside-out garment you almost can't feel the graphic, a very stylish piece. On the top, left shoulder is the word "Boxing" bold black ink printed on a charcoal colored shirt across the chest YDKSAB. On the real, I wore the shirt on Thanksgiving day with a sports jacket. Let me know your thoughts, and please share.


boxingfanapparel is going to be home-base to super exclusive rare TBVpodcast SWAG!