New Show: Tales from the Tabletop
We've all got ridiculous and hilarious stories from role playing games past. Now, I want to bring those stories to life!

I just added a new goal to start producing my latest idea, "Tales from the Tabletop", an animated show featuring a bartender in a D&D style role playing world, re-telling hilarious and weird stories that he overhears from his customers. 

But here's the twist: I'm gonna be getting the stories from YOU! My patrons!

Sure, I could make up a bunch of ridiculous stories, or I could get the true (ish) stories straight from you and memorialize them forever on YouTube. 

I've already shot the pilot episode, and I'm in the process of post production now. When it's finished, it will be available for patrons to view. 

Sound like fun? Share my Patreon page now, and let's hit my first goal!