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New Single - Fall Out
As we strode atop the mountain overlooking the flood of west county wilderness to share this song with you, I felt amazed that the sun was still up.  The rays danced on our lenses as I offered this song to the hills and grass. Here is your month's AuthenticSessions music video - "Fall Out" - made so we can share the reflections of those evening rays of light and enjoy my release of a new studio track, calling toward the power within all of us to rise and live fully the days that were given to us.

With this song I feel the growing tides of a more produced, bigger sound coming to the core of my musical expression and composition - I look forward to deepening my connection with this process of moving my songs into more highly arranged cinematic pieces…Thanks for being a founding member this creative process!

Click here for immediate free download of the studio MP3 / 320 kbps.

Any ideas where it can go next?  

PS, in case you didn't get to see, this song was born a few weeks ago during it's first live performance during Oakland Ecstatic Dance sound healing

Thanks again for being involved,