New Sioux Scout YouTube Channel
Years ago I started a YouTube Channel just for subscribing to channels that I was interested in. I originally had no intention of creating videos of my own. But then I did, with no real intention of growing an audience. There is no real theme or reason for the videos I post, just videos on some of my general interests. 

Now that I've started getting more and more into creating content on the subjects covered by the Sioux Scout Project, and I want to build a following, it only makes sense to create a dedicated, brand for it.

Earlier this year I created this Patreon page for the Sioux Scout Project and now (finally) the project has a dedicated YouTube channel.

From this point on, all new videos for the Sioux Scout Project will be posted there. Over time, some of the older videos that are currently on my personal channel will be moved to the Sioux Scout channel. Besides the videos being posted there, they will be organized better in playlists.

From this point on I will be putting a lot more focus on the Sioux Scout Project and look forward to seeing where this journey takes this project. I truly hope you enjoy the journey and where the Sioux Scout Project goes!

Link to the Sioux Scout YouTube channel: