New Software & Free Games!
SOFTWARE UPDATE - Thanks to all of you, I will be trying a new art program.  It costs $50 dollars and I can't wait to try it, thanks to all your support.  It will allow me to go to smoother vector drawing then what I currently do with raster (pixels).

So I will keep you updated and show comparison shots.  I will start moving from my Adobe Photoshop 12 and Photoshop 8 and try out a Serif Affinity Designer.  It is comparable to Adobe Illistrator.  So why I am going to a whole new brand?  I love Adobe and I have used them all my life.  They are the benchmark for art programs online and what the pros use.  Problem is they have gone to a subscription based system now that costs way more then I am willng to spend.  I have been using my old programs by them, and will continue to do so for as long as I can (since I bought them in boxes, not online).  But I want to have a more up to date and current product, and start producing better quality stuff in vector!  I am really excited and hope you will like the change.  I am sure it will take some learning curve, and I will let you know when the first "NEW" comic comes out.

FREE GAMES - Did I grab your attention?  Good!  Sometime in the next few months, we will be doing a raffle and will be giving away free games on Steam with Steam keys.  So you will need Steam and a Mac/PC to be a part of the raffle.  Lucky for you supporters on Patreon, you get extra "free" raffle tickets just by support me.  Hooray!  I will give more info soon-ish.

Have a great weekend!