New Song! Tide's Turning (feat. Ben Sollee!)
The Song

Oh you guys... today is a treat! Many of you know that last spring I stole myself away to go live with my Atlanta family and care for my grandpa (aka Poppop.)

One of the really beautiful parts of being near this side of the family was that I got to hear all these stories that I hadn't heard before. I mean, I had heard the stories, but hadn't heard them with such detail!

Whenever I sat down to write a song last spring, all that would come out of me were these stories. This song is one of them.

It's a growing up story, essentially my Aunt Marnie's growing up story. It's about doing hard things and still finding beauty. But the more people I play this song for, the more universal it feels, even with all the tiny details from my family's history.

The Performance

Thanks in great part to you and your enduring support of my work, I was able to attend the Rocky Mountain Folks Festival and Song School in August!

I tried to go two years ago, and had to forfeit my ticket because I literally didn't have enough gas money to leave my own zip code. Fortunately those penny pinching days are behind us (again, thanks to you!) So I was finally able to hoist all my gear onto an airplane and spend a glorious week soaking up songs. (more on that later!)

Every evening us songwriters would take turns hopping on stage to share our songs. This performance features none other than Ben Sollee. It kinda blew my previous self's mind by sharing the stage with him. And it blew my mind even more that he said yes to accompanying one of my songs. (!!)

You see, as a cello teacher back in the day, I was known to "kidnap" my students of all ages and bring them to Ben's shows in Seattle. My cello teacher self is so stoked about this video! He's an amazing cellist, and songwriter. It was such an honor. Go check out his stuff! 

I asked Ben to join me because, yes, he's amazing. But he's also a Kentuckian, which made him a fitting collaborator for this particular song's performance. It only made sense to infuse more of my heritage into the telling of this story with cello AND Kentucky.

I hope you enjoy this story as much as I've enjoyed telling it this year. 

Oh, and be warned, you might need a box of tissues.


Note: Lyrics will come in another post later next week and the link to this post will go public (shareable) on Friday September 8th.

Also, there was a very good reason why I was wearing a hat and sunglasses at night. Again, more on that later.

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