New Song: Who We Are

After roughly three months of work (and two more months of video rendering ;D), our collaboration song is complete!

Download FLAC | Download MP3 | Watch on YouTube 

A very special thank you to my collaborators:

Michael Hillard (trumpet)
Sharpet (bass)
Moonlyer (guitar, harmonica)
Funnycreature (e-guitar, percussion)
Pao Sebastian (recorder, percussion)
Jace Greywool (guitar)
Neoviper (violin)
Szaladin (bass)
Khimitsu (recorder, piano, harpsichord, background voice)

Each individual line is available linked above, in case you want to listen to them separately or even attempt a remix (my lines are here: voice, drums, piano). You can also play around with the visualization tool that I programmed over here.

As you can probably imagine, this was a lot of fun to create. :D Onwards to the next song (with two more guest collaborators)!

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