New Songs, New Videos, New Year

So this is quite a late post, because weeks have passed since the new year. I want to welcome you to my page, and to my channel, and to my life. 

I have a goal this year to *TRY* to upload a video every week or every other week. I have already failed, but it is only the beginning of the year so I am sure I can get on track.  For me, I have been struggling to decide how I want to youtube. Do I want to just sing and make music, or do I want to tell stories? I am leaning towards the former, however it is always up for change with my supporters as they come in. 

There will be several changes to my page, mostly because I want it to reflect something easier, and more attainable, and something you guys would be interested in. This probably all seems jumbled but that is because right now I am . . . . I need to buy a journal or something. 

Here's what I can say - there will be major changes to my patreon page, but as per usual, if you are a patreon subscriber, you will get first access to videos/content/music, plus other little fun perks along the way - such as song requests, voting on video ideas, etc. I want to make an interactive experience with my fans, and supporters to show you guys how much I appreciate you! 

If you aren't a supporter here is a little taste of my work! It is an original song called, "Let You Go," a preview from an album that I am working on, which will be announced in the future, but if you want to hear about it first? Become my patreon supporter! Alright everyone, have a good day.

Marissa Wood