New SoundPad: Olde Towne
Greeting Patrons,

New SoundPad is online today! Olde Towne is an audio medieval city/village simulator. It's got everything you need for creating small hamlets to bustling walled cities. Using the new 'save scene' feature you can create multiple environments using a handful of sounds and switch between them with a click of your mouse. In a few minutes you can have a town square, a desolate street, a docks district and a market.

And yes, I threw in a dragon because..well, dragons. Don't want to fight dragons in town? Make her the town mascot. Call her Joan.

Olde Towne has 36 sounds, including 3 music tracks which makes it the largest SoundPad to date, while still keeping the total audio payload under 7MB. 

Also, I'm putting the finishing touches on another 10 minute ambience that should be a great addition to your Halloween games. I should have that online early next week.

Thank you so much for your continuing support. (My new hard drives, purchased with your generous donations are arriving this week!)

Happy gaming!



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