New SoundPad - The Tavern
Greetings patrons,

I present, the start of so many great adventures, and an endearing RPG trope in its own right, the humble tavern.

 I've actually already done 2 tavern ambiences  but I still get requests for them.   As you know, I write each of these requests down and yet, I can honestly say that I will never make the perfect tavern for everyone.

 But then I got to thinking - maybe I can get close. 

In the SoundPad tradition, this isn't just a Tavern, it's a Tavern simulator. You can make it a bustling evening setting, or a subdued late-night rendezvous. It can be cozy and fun, or edgy and hostile.  A place to unwind and focus, or the start of an adventure.

It's always possible that I'll add a few more sounds down the road but I think this is a pretty good start. 

Thank you, as always, for your continued patronage.